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Flue gas analyser

Safety Inspections

Philip Petty can issue a gas safety certificate for your property's appliances
The gas safety certificate will show either a pass or a fail.

On rented propeties, it is a landlord's legal duty to ensure that the gas installation is inspected and certified on an annual basis.

Philip Petty offers this service to landlords, whether on a one-to-one basis working with the landlord directly or via a letting agency which may act on the landlord's behalf.

Philip works closely with several letting agents in the Bradford, Keighley and Shipley area.

What does a safety inspection entail?

The gas pipework installation is tested for gas tightness (leaks) and, as far as is practical, is inspected to ensure the correct materials have been used and installed in accordance with current gas safety legislation.

Each gas appliance is inspected and tested to ensure that it is safe to use. Where required, the appliance is serviced.

All flues are inspected, as far as is practical, to ensure that they are:

The use of the latest Kane Flue Gas Analyser, with a printout of the appliance's combustion ratios to confirm that all is well, offers peace of mind to landlords and tenants alike.

Philip Petty uses the latest flue gas analyser when performing safety inspections
The use of the latest Kane Flue Gas Analyser offers peace of mind to landlords and tenants alike.

On completion of the inspection, a safety ceritifcate is issued. The certificate indicates either a pass or a fail. In the event of a fail, there is a section which can be used to indicate further work as required.

If an appliance is classed as unsafe to use, the appropriate labelling is also left to be actioned accordingly.

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